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Decorated Horses

Decorated Horses

Brand: Penguin Random House

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Humans have relied on the strength, speed, and endurance of the horse for more than nine thousand years, utilizing them for work, warfare, entertainment, and companionship. Throughout history, humans have shown how much they admire and respect these animals through decoration and embellishment.
Divided into three sections—Warfare and Hunting, Performance and Competition, and Ceremony and Celebration—this book introduces readers to the many ways humans have used and honored horses. Their decorations highlight how important horses are to various people, from the symbolic paintings that the Plains Indians used to decorate their battle and hunting companions to silks and flowers awarded to thoroughbreds in competition to the colorful, playful costumes adorning the horses that pull painted carts through the streets of Sicily to honor saints.


Age 8-12 years | Grades 3-7

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