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Thoroughbred Pitcher by Aurthur Court

Thoroughbred Pitcher by Aurthur Court - Kentucky Horse Park

Brand: Arthur Court

$169.99 USD
Handcrafted in lustrous aluminum, this horse features a bridle that stretches up the muzzle and around its neck and head in realistic fashion. A curved handle attaches to the creature's beautiful, defined mane, just below a hole in the top of its head.

Designer premium signature aluminum alloy all Arthur Court are compliance with FDA regulations

Aluminum Serve ware can be chilled in the freezer or refrigerator or warmed in the oven to 350.

Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately - do not put in dishwasher.

Comes in Gift Box perfect for Horse Lover or Rustic Living

Size:L: 8.5" / W: 6.0" / H: 10.0"
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